Watch Me See Featuring Argyll

Watch Me See is a fantastic website featuring Scotland, the places to see, travellers tips and guides as well as stunning photos of all the areas covered.

Recently Watch Me See visited Argyll  check out the road trip video below.

Inspired by Paul McCartney’s Mull of Kintyre we decided to spend the first day of our Argyll road trip exploring the Kintyre Peninsula. The peninsula is really off the beaten track – more island than mainland -, and there was hardly any traffic on the road.

Don’t stop there, carry on and check out the 50 travel tips for Scotland, some sage advice and great photos!

My favourite tips from the list are;


15) Bring your dancing shoes and pray you’ll happen upon a Ceilidh – Sloans in Glasgow actually puts on a Ceilidh dance every Friday night (tickets are £10)!

19) Ask what’s in haggis after you tried it, not before!20) Black pudding is not a pudding. Also, the same rule applies as with the haggis.

32) It’s easy to meet locals in Glasgow. Just go to a pub, stand by the bar and someone will start chatting to you.

33) Glasgow is all about its music. Listen to the buskers around the city centre, or stay overnight and check out a live music venue like The Butterfly & the Pig!

34) Always check the weather forecast, especially before heading out into the hills. I rely on, a Norwegian weather service.

35) Never trust a blue sky – expect every kind of weather on every day. A typical days in Scotland is going through all four seasons. Within an hour.

36) Invest in a good waterproof jacket and don’t let a bit of rain drag you down!

37) Bring proper hiking equipment, including waterproofs, hiking boots and map material – if you plan to hike in the Highlands.

45) A wee dram increases your chances to spot the monster of Loch Ness.

50) Don’t lift up a man’s kilt!

Scotland is a great location for first-time solo travellers, and my 50 super useful travel tips for Scotland will make your trip even better!

Source: 50 Useful Travel Tips for Scotland | Watch Me See