Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon 28 September Super Moon

Thanks To Meteorwatch For The Image

Get your cameras at the ready!

Wherever you are in Scotland you should get a good view of the Lunar Eclipse.
In fact it should be visible to anyone in the Atlantic regions of the planet including the North and South America, Africa, UK and Western Europe.
I’ve added the date and details to Our Tarbert Calendar! Make sure you add it to yours.

This is an extra special date as we have three events on one night giving us the magnificent effect of a huge red moon thanks to  a full moon, the lunar eclipse,
in which the Earth blocks the sun’s light from hitting the moon,  and lunar perigee, when the moon is in the closest part of its orbit to Earth.
You don’t need any specialist equipment to observe this spectacular moon, but a pair of binoculars or  Telescope will enable you to have a closer look at the details of the moons surface.

Not a red moon or an eclipse, just a random photo from last year, I love the moon on the water

Living in Tarbert we have the added advantage of the scenery and the potential to capture reflections on the loch (given clear skies and calm waters, oh please let us have clear skies and calm waters)
But that said, sometimes a little cloud just adds to the effect.
You may have read online, or in some news papers that a blood moon signifies the end of the world.
The coming of Christ and a whole host of dramatic and wonderful things.
Last year on the 22 February Norse mythology stated the world will end;

Ragnarok, the final mystical battle on earth, was to begin on February 22  Legend had it that Norse gods including Thor and Loki will battle to the death after Earth splits open and unleashes the inhabitants of hell. 

The God Odin, who is ruler of Asgard, will be killed by the wolf Fenrir and the other ‘creator’ Gods will die. 

Viking lore has it that the globe will then fall into the sea and life on the planet will cease to exist. 

Same night a couple of hours later

Thankfully we are all still here, I’ve lost count of the many worlds ends I’ve managed to get through so far.
I love Astronomy so it always tickles me when I hear these tales of doom.
Forget the doom and gloom, wrap up warm and get outside, wherever you are the moon should be quite spectacular, so get your camera and get snapping!
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I just found this Online Guide with tips on how to photograph the eclipse.