Weather Forecast Says It Will Rain

Every morning when the alarm goes off I
listen to the news and weather before I fall out of bed,

I wait for
it now;

“Today will be mostly bright and sunny except for Northern
Ireland and the West of Scotland with rain moving in, sometimes

It’s like Groundhog day (but prettier) each morning.

It’s good to start the day with a grin
When I first moved here I would take 3
layers, a windproof jacket, a body warmer and a rain jacket, prepared
for anything!

Now I’ve been here a few years it’s got
easier, if it’s warm enough indoors not to need the heating on I
don’t take my layers, or a coat, it will rain, but oh that rain is
divine when you are hill walking, there have been many a time I’ve
been huffing and puffing up a hill trying to keep up with my dogs and
I’ve begged the skies to open up and cool me off.
The beauty of it
is, it almost always does.
Spongy Woodland Ground

What is not to love?
The rain makes it
all the more beautiful, the spongy mosses on the woodland floor, the
Wood Sorrel that seems to cover every woodland surface, the ground,
the rocks and even the trees.

The burns that sing louder the heavier
the rain, everything smells fresh, and we get rainbows, lots of them.


I shall leave you with a couple of weather reports from the lads in Tarbert, for more videos follow Frank Ronald On YouTube Here.
But his Miley Cyrus impersonation is probably NSFW! 🙂