Take It Easy!

Deer On The Shores Of West Loch

With abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery along many of the roads in and around Tarbert, it makes sense to take it easy.

Locally to me, a family have started a campaign to slow traffic down on the Kilberry Road.
I was invited into their Facebook Group Slow Traffic On Kilberry Rd Campaign, and saddened to find reports of beloved pets and wildlife that had been killed by traffic on the road.
This summer I saw a Badger laying lifeless at the roadside.

The B8024 is a long single track road, in places the road runs very close to the shore, with good views across the Loch, in others in climbs steeply inland over low hills, before quickly returning to the the waters edge, or at least close to it.

For Fox Sake, Slow Down

Generally the legal speed limit for the road is 60mph, however some feel that in many places the limit should be reduced to 30mph, especially near peoples homes where small children could be playing.

Children and animals are unpredictable and if you are racing along at 60mph you may not be able to stop in time to reduce the risk of a serious accident.
When I was a child I was hit by a car going far less than 60mph and suffered many broken bones and other injuries, I still have the scars and creaks to prove it!

I know how quickly and easily it can happen.
Don’t let it be you, or your child!
Please consider these points while travelling on many of our single track roads.

Sheep often own the road here and can be found wandering various sections at leisure, they have no road sense at all, you could bump into them anywhere, literally!

Driving along early evenings we quite often see Foxes, Deer and Badgers along the way.

These guys haven’t read the highway code, and pop out all over the place

If you are in too much of a hurry you are also missing out
on the visual treats along the way, with the climbing hills and twists and turns you catch sight of Arran and Jura as you travel along the B8024.
As the road snakes along side the lochs you can often see seals sunbathing on the rocks near the shore.

If you are unfamiliar with the road it can seem very peaceful and empty, giving you a false impression that you are unlikely to encounter anyone else.

Beautiful views of  Jura

Cyclists are always seen along this road, from groups of experts to families on their holiday with youngsters just learning to ride on the road.
There is not always room for them to move safely to the side to allow you to pass, so please go slow enough to allow little ones to cycle in safety.

In various sections along the road you may also encounter horses and their riders enjoying a walk along the road, with so many twists and turns there could be anything around the corner!

Deer can often just appear in the road, sometimes a big Stag just stands there and waits for you to move out of his way!
Always be prepared to pull in suddenly! There are many passing places for you to pull into.
You need to give way to larger vehicles such as the forestry lorries and farm traffic you could encounter.
Also be aware motorcycles cannot reverse, so to keep heading directly towards them just means you, or they are going to end up in a ditch!
Please give way, be prepared to meet anything on the next blind bend from a small child, horse riders, dog walkers to a huge lorry or rutting Stag, anything is possible!
Most importantly, take care and enjoy the road, take your time and enjoy the twisty turny, beautifully unpredictable road safely.

Breathtaking Views, for miles
The general traffic varies….