Save the Gauldrons Public Meeting

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Wednesday 17th January is a critical day in determining if the beautiful bay and wild life habitat of the Gauldrons is to be surrendered for industrial development to Marine Harvest’ or left as designated countryside for the community, visitors and wildlife to enjoy forever.

Gauldrons Bay Sunset

At 10.30am on that day in the Victoria Halls the council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee, will hold a Pre-Determination Hearing in advance of determining the unwarranted Marine Harvest application.

The Gauldrons before and after Marine Harvest. from Bob Miller on Vimeo.

The documents relating the meeting should be available on the council website from the 12th of January. However the matter is clear, the Gauldrons is designated countryside with immense heritage, environmental and social wellbeing value. To concrete it over with an onshore fishfarm three times the size of the current eyesore at Lossit Point Marine Harvest have to show exceptional reasons. There are none, instead MH have concocted an unsubstantiated set of assertions, assumptions and half truths that have been systematically dismantled by Save The Gauldrons over the past 2 years. This capped by the revelation that MH are already building an equivalent facility on a brownfield site in Anglesey that is big enough to supply their needs for cleaner wrasse.

Yet still MH are persisting with this baleful application because their management culture cannot countenance a local community standing up to protect a precious coastal resource that they wish to exploit for profit. So it is imperative that as many people as possible who treasure the Gauldrons come along to the public meeting and show the Committee that this decision matters hugely, both now, for future generations and for other coastal sites that are at risk of exploitation.

If you can come along on the 17th, a weekday, please attend and help Save the Gauldrons and make Marine Harvest live up to their vaunted but hollow environmental credentials by spending more to develop on a brownfield site. If you live in Machrihanish or use Machrihanish beach come along along and hear MH defend their plans to pump chemical and biocide effluent direct into the bay North of the old lifeboat house from a pipeline almost as long as the one they say they cannot build out from MACC. Community, heritage and habitat before profit.

Gauldrons Bay , Machrihanish, Kintyre

Wonderful Wildlife

Sika Deer

The wildlife we see all around us could not possibly be covered in one blog post!
If you love nature and exploring the great outdoors, then Tarbert and the rest of Kintyre is a must see holiday location!
Living here I am lucky enough to be able to study at leisure.
I am not going to give a guide or a map, nor list the areas I’ve found some of the wildlife, because that takes away all the fun of a nature trail!

Just sitting here in my office I am treated to some splendid sights.
I once wasted an afternoon watching a Buzzard hunt and then feast on it’s prey after stomping all over it to tenderise it I presume!

The deer in the picture above is a regular visitor I’ve managed to capture a few photos of.
Other creatures are too fast, or too clever and you need a keen eye to see some of them.
Wherever you are in Tarbert keep your eyes peeled, the wildlife is everywhere!

Can you see me?

Usually seen when you least expect it and I have found I see much more on the days I don’t have my camera with me!

A Useful Guide For Identifying Wildlife

I was thrilled to see my first Pine Marten last year, it rushed to the top of a tree and watched me from the safety of it’s branch.
There are signs of them all over the place, but I never expected to see one so close, it was beautiful!


In the Summer months you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an Adder, Slow Worm or a Common Lizard up on the hills.

Along the shores you will find signs of Otters, if you are quiet and still you may even see some either eating at the waters edge or playing in the water.

Explore The Rock Pools

With so many small secluded beaches you can lose yourself for hours, relaxing or taking in all the life around you, from the Eagles soaring in the skies to the many mini beasts you will find in any of the rock pools.

If you look out to sea you could be lucky enough to spot one of the many seals that visit the lochs, quite often when we are out on our kayaks they will come and join us and follow us on our journeys.

If you want to really explore the secluded beaches and get quietly close to the marine life you can hire a canoe, kayak  or paddleboard from Kayak Majik.

If you hear a splash it could be a playful Porpoise, or a Gannet diving for it’s food.
Back on land, be careful where you tread in the spring as many birds nest along our shores and some eggs look just like pebbles!
If you love bird watching then you are really in for a treat! So many different species to see, I’m still trying to learn who is who, but when you see an eagle for the first time, you know it! Such beautiful birds, and so big you cannot be mistaken!

Tern Eggs

To get an idea of the fantastic variety of birds that live on and around the Tarbert forests, hills and shores take a look at the fantastic photographs on the Machrihanish Seabird And Wildlife Observatory Website!

Oyster Catcher