TT100-Please Bring Our Boys Back Home Song Release 5th March

A host of Tarbert musicians and song writers have come together to produce a single dedicated to the Nancy Glen campaign.

The single, recorded at the Templar Hall in Tarbert on Saturday February 10 and Sunday February 11, will be released with the title ‘#TT100 Bring Our Boys Back Home.

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Press Release by Silvio Gigante 

The musicians from the Local Fishing Community of Tarbert-Kintrye Scotland, have pulled together to produce this timeless classic.

TT100-Please Bring Our Boys Back Home. A song written and produced by Silvio Gigante and Simon Greatbatch with support from various Local Musicians (Loch Fyne Pipe Band) and the beautiful vocals of Beatrice Catherine, Tarbert Academy Choir and Beth Atkinson.

The song is a tribute to remember Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk who sadly lost their lives on the 18th of January 2018 in a fishing boat tragedy.

All sales from this record will go to the families and their memorial of choice. We understand that no amount of money can replace the lives of those lost, but hope they can see that they are not alone.

This is a tribute to the Nancy Glen and Kintyre in Scotland as a whole. So please support this record by purchasing and downloading a copy of the single or as many as you wish. All sales will be going to Clyde Fishermen’s Association. Who have been Amazing so far.

The community have raised nearly £250k+ in a crowd funding effort. The community have been AMAZING and you should all be proud.

The Song will be released on Itunes “Please Bring Our Boys Back home”. On the 5th of March and is available for pre order from today- link to follow. We have support from Deacon Blue, Alex Salmond and Argyll FM. We are also pushing for other media avenues- so will keep you posted.

If you require a CD please ask someone who can purchase a copy on your behalf (As a download) and on receipt of purchase we can arrange a CD for you. You will need to have proof of purchase from iTunes/Spotify and such please.

We would appreciate all public/community support by buying a copy of this beautiful song. Please share, like and spread the word on all multi media platforms. This is your opportunity to create an everlasting legacy and tribute for the families affected by such tragedies.

We need to sell as many copies of the song in order to chart it and what a legacy this would be if achieved. This is your chance to make history and let this beautiful song be the SOUND OF KINTYRE.

This song is a beautiful tribute using the best of Scottish musicality with all the classic melodies of a cultured POP song.

It would be Amazing if we could hit the charts but WE NEED EVERYONE ON BOARD. When the link has been shared please share and show your love and support this song. Lets make this go viral!!!

This truly has been an inspirational effort from all local musicians, singers and WELL DONE!. I hope you enjoy the song and feel the energy, love and passion within this song.

With respect and love to the communities of Argyll, Kintyre, Scotland and the World. Please support this fantastic song and give the families and children of the families, a beautiful legacy that they will never forget!

Further details and links to buy a copy will follow soon

The Nancy Glen Campaign Continues To Grow (Part One)

It’s just over a week since the Fishing Tragedy in Tarbert, I know I am not alone in feeling a desperate sadness and urgent need get Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk back to their loved ones.

As the real horror began to unfold, an incredible show of love and support came from the people of Tarbert, within days as the news was spread, more and more people came forward to offer any help they could.

We were all thankful that John Miller had been rescued, but also  desperately worried as time passed and the realisation hit that the men never managed to escape the Nancy Glen as she went down.

Their families are heart broken and are desperate to find them so they can give them a proper burial and say goodbye. sadly, because she sank so deep it will not be easy to find them and specialist equipment will be needed.

The chairman of The Clyde Fishermen’s Trust Kenny MacNab started the Nancy Glen Campaign to raise funds for the families of the missing men,.

The initial response was overwhelming and still continues to grow.

Many people took to social media to get the tags trending, hoping that it would reach out to others to raise awareness of the campaign.

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache their families are facing, but I admire their dignity and fierce determination.

Here is how Tarbert (and beyond) are helping to bring our boys home.

Thank you so much to everyone! I have no doubt Tarbert will get their boys home!

It started with messages of support.

As well as donating to The Nancy Glen Campaign people were coming up with ideas to raise more funds.

I think they all deserve a mention and I hope I manage to include each and every one of you that have come up with a plan to raise more money, determined to help the families involved in this awful tragedy.

Local Hotels helped keep the search teams feed and watered, I know the Tarbert Hotel fed some of our Coastguards, The Islay Frigate also kept the search teams nourished.

The Nancy Glen Campaign, The Islay Frigate, Food and Drink, Support
Tonight Thursday 25th, please come and take advantage. Available to anyone at all involved, fishermen, coast guard, police etc. Come get a, heat, a feed and quench your thirst


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Salmond tells ‘heartless’ UK Government to raise boat wreck

FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond has called on the UK Government to pay for the raising of the Nancy Glen fishing boat which sank in Loch Fyne, with the bodies of missing fishermen Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk thought to be on board.

The Clyde Fishermen’s Association and the men’s families have started fundraising campaigns to salvage the boat so that the two men can be buried ashore, with almost £150,000 raised in just a few days.

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FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond has called on the UK Government to pay for the raising of the Nancy Glen fishing boat which sank in Loch Fyne,…

Source: Salmond tells ‘heartless’ UK Government to raise boat wreck

An Incredible Show Of Support For The Nancy Glen Campaign!

In less than a week the Clyde Fisherman Trust Nancy Glen Campaign has raised over £130,000.

Support is coming in from far and wide as people picked up the tags #TT100bringtheboyshome, #TT100bringourboyshome  linking to the Just Giving, Go Fund Me and Crowdfunding donation pages and being tweeted, shared, retweeted as much as possible to raise awareness of the campaign.

Social media is a hive of activity and the response is incredible!

The Facebook Group All Things Tarbert Currently has a steady stream of posts as people share ideas and try to do whatever they can to help.

Local businesses have also set up donation boxes in their shops.

The Tweeting on Twitter is constant, I’m sure many of us are struggling to keep up with the notifications!

Behind all the social media noise is a devastated community, heartbroken friends and family that will not give up until they have brought them home.

Charity auctions are being set up, raffles and other fund raising ideas are in the pipeline, words of support from all over the world.

A Facebook page has now been set up to enable people to keep track of what is happening and where, so please do like and follow

The Nancy Glen Fundraising Page.



On BBC News

A spokesman said: “Fishing is more than just a political issue, it’s people’s lives and in this instance so many who find their world so tragically turned upside down.

“The fund hopes to raise enough to recover the men and allow their families comfort in being able to lay their loved ones to rest after such a horrible and tragic event.

“The Clyde Fishermen’s Association also continues to engage with our Royal Navy and hopes they can help the recovery with their specialist deep water equipment.”

If you can help in any way, by sharing on social media or sending in a donation it would be very much appreciated.

If you would like to share ideas and network with other fundraisers follow the Facebook page or you can contact The Clyde Fishermans Trust Nancy Glen Campaign.


Donate to The Nancy Glen Families – Clyde Fishing Tragedy

The Nancy Glen Campaign

From The Clyde Fisherman’s Trust.

On the 18th of January 2018 the Nancy Glen fishing boat of Tarbert was tragically taken by the West Coast of Scotland waters it fished.

One fisherman survived, sadly the two other crew Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk have not been found although it’s thought they were on the vessel which now lies on the seabed.
The families wish to retrieve their loved ones as soon as possible,which will take great resource.

In addition the fishermen have left wives and young children behind. The Clyde Fishermen want to help do all they can to assist these families at this time and in the future.

We ask for support in this task. Please give generously so that these families may lay their men to rest and that their children are supported through the tough times ahead.

​Give online at:

Go Fund Me

Just Giving

​Crowd Funding

Send cheque donations to;

​Clyde Fishermen’s Trust
The Briggait
Unit 227
141 Bridgegate
G1 5HZ

Give by bank transfer – email

Thank you – we are very grateful.

Weʼre raising money to The Nancy Glen Families – Clyde Fishing Tragedy. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

Source: Donate to The Nancy Glen Families – Clyde Fishing Tragedy