Inside Out + Ricki And The Flash

Back on the 27th October, The Screen Machine is showing Inside Out at 5:30PM
Inside out is a “U” Rated 101 minute Disney Pixar Film.

Pixar is at the peak of its powers with this joyous coming-of-age story which is all about … emotions.
This is a story which takes place in two places at the same time – in San Francisco, and inside the head of 11-year-old Riley.

Riley has just moved there with her parents, and the emotions inside her head – the HeadQuarters – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – are trying to make sense of all the upheaval.
Joy is very much in charge of the delightful Riley’s emotions, but since the move, Sadness is trying to become more involved.
Together they are flung to the furthest recesses of Riley’s mind, and struggle to find their way back across an astonishing landscape.
A funny, dazzling, intriguing, delightful and unexpectedly beautiful animation, which matches up to Monsters Inc and Up!

At 8:30 PM The Screen Machine is showing Ricki And The Flash, a 12A rated film running for 101 minutes

Meryl Streep kicks ass as Ricki, the mother who ran away from her family to pursue rock stardom. But her career hasn’t brought the stadium filling superstardom she hoped for, and she’s working in a grocery store to supplement her income singing covers in bars with her backing band,

The Flash. Ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline) calls to burst Ricki’s bubble – their daughter Julie (played by Mamie Gummer – Streep’s real-life daughter) has been dumped by her husband and could do with her Mum returning home to reconnect with the family she has long since left behind.

It’s emotionally intense with great performance from the whole cast and some fantastic big musical moments.

For more information and to book tickets please visit The Screen Machine Website.

Where The Wild Things Are

Wildlife, it’s everywhere and it is my
very favourite thing about living in such a
beautiful place, we are lucky enough to share it with a wide range of
First things, first, be prepared, as
glorious as it is, there are things that would quite happily eat you.
If you are spending time in an area
with heather, bracken and long grasses, especially if the area is
visited by Deer or Sheep (almost certainly here), chances are you and
your dogs will be at risk from ticks.
Wear protective clothing, long boots or
gaiters and do check yourself over after spending any amount of time
out there.
Ticks can be dangerous, they can carry
Lyme’s disease, but the risk is minimised by
removing the tick cleanly and as soon as possible.
I spend so much
time outside with my dogs it has become a part of the daily routine
to check them all over and quickly remove the little beastie!
They are reddish, brown or grey
and can be various sizes, I’ve found tiny ones, smaller than a pin
head, and even worse, I’ve found large ones like big grey peas on my
poor dogs!
The very best, quickest, cleanest and
easiest way to remove them from people and pets is with these O’Tom Tick Twister


Always keep some in your rucksack!
If you become unwell within around 30
days after finding a tick on you, you must let your doctor know, the
sooner you are treated for Lymes disease the better chance you have
of being successfully treated.
As gross as they are, generally their
bite doesn’t hurt, nor does it hurt to remove them, but do ensure you
keep an eye on the bite area on you or your pet to help prevent the risk
of infection.
The midges, the midges,
I’m no gonnae kid ye’s,
the midges is really the limit.
Wi teeth like piranhas, they drive ye
If ye let them get under yer simmit!
Midges bites hurt! You can feel them,
it amazes me how they are so tiny, with such delicately patterned
wings they look so harmless but can be so annoying, their mouths feel like a mini circular saw!!
Don’t let them ruin your trip!

One of my dogs collecting critters!
I know we are going to have beautiful
weather if I open the door to let the dogs out in the morning and
there are a swarm of midges waiting to eat me.
Get to know them so they don’t ruin
your visit.
There are untold products out there to
protect you from insect bites, however the best we have found is Avon
Skin So Soft dry oil spray.
If you don’t have any, you might be
lucky and Karlina might have her usual reserves in stock.
If it’s windy, or raining, chances are
you wont be bothered by these little beasts, they tend to hang around
dawn and dusk in sheltered places.

I have heard (but not yet tried) a
yeast trap, apparently if you put some yeast and warm water in a jar
the midges are attracted to the carbon dioxide and will drown in the
You can keep track of the Local Midge Forecast Here!
Midges are also a food source for many
other beauties, so while they may be a minor irritation for us they are well worth tolerating for the sake of the bats, birds and other animals that need them in their daily diet