An Interesting History & Updated Local Links

Pier Road

I have been researching local history and last week I came across this fantastic blog,
Gigha: My Spiritual Home 
If you love Tarbert and Gigha I think you should bookmark it, as well as covering a fascinating family history the writer has also collected a stunning collection of old historical photographs Of Tarbert.
And Gigha!
The writer also tells of her family history and documents her trips. It’s a brilliant blog and I shall try and read it all soon.
If you know of any similar sites please let me know so I can link to them, I’d also love to hear  of any old tales and folklore from around Tarbert, so please get in touch!
Also while browsing I found this video thanks to Tarbert Harbour Authority for sharing it on their Facebook Page.


A brilliant capture of a Humpback Whale swimming in Loch Fyne.
While getting lost on lovely links and fascinating videos this week I have also added a few more local links.
Thank you to everyone for your help! It will be a slow process but I intend to get all of us on here in time.
If you look at the links menu on the right hand top corner of the page, you will also find the contact details, website links and other information for the following new additions;

Loch Fyne Fish Bar, our very own local chippy serving locally sourced fresh fish, as well as Haggis, Black Pudding and many other tasty suppers to take away.

Blue Wave Services WiFi specialist for those of us that are always on the move, helping you stay connected on land and sea.
Blue Wave Services are also specialists in boat care, maintenance, servicing and cleaning.

Be Cosy Outdoors!

Màiri’s Cosy Outdoors is another new addition featuring beautiful hand made products, clothing to keep you warm while sailing or hiking and a beautiful selection of baby and toddler novelty products, have a browse it is a beautiful shop with unique items.

Another business added to the links is Millennium Group, a company that covers all of your TV Network needs, from satellite freeview to installation and fitting as well as a whole host of other services, see their website for more information.

While browsing and researching, I also spotted this in my Facebook Newsfeed, many thanks to Explore Kintyre for sharing this stunning short video giving you an aerial view of the roads to Kintyre. Just beautiful!