Clyde Fishermens Association Meeting

Clyde Fishermen’s Association

The Clyde Fisherman’s Association is holding community meetings for all residents, please see poster on the left for the meeting and times near you, and please do attend if you can.
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Kenneth Macnab, our local chairman for the Association posted in the All Things Tarbert Facebook Group asking for your support;

“I’m quite sure everyone will have seen the post put on to this site by the Clyde Fishermens Association advertising events all around the Clyde .

I cannot stress enough how important it is for the economic and social well being of the village that we get a good turnout. I am not going into the politics of the situation on this site that’s not what this site was set up for but I do want to make people aware that if the proposals for Marine Protected Areas and or a Regulating Order go ahead in their present form the consequences for Tarbert are dire.

Many businesses will be affected not just ones with fishing connections .

As a native of Tarbert along with many other long-standing fishing families our jobs and way of life are on the line.

Tarbert was built around fishing going back hundreds of years and it looks as though we are about to lose it all. The fishermen of Tarbert have given a lot to the village for many years now both in their time and financially by supporting every group club the churches and even the restoration of the castle, we have never turned anyone down for help.

Now we need the help of the community to secure a future not just for us but for the village as a whole. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I wasn’t concerned about the employment prospects for the future of Tarbert.

Anyone who can manage to come to the public event in the village hall on the 24th at 7.30 please do and you will hear more of the detail and the politics of the situation. Many people may think that they have nothing to do with fishing but that’s not the case this will affect everyone the knock on effect will go right through the village.”

The Tarbert Meeting is on Tuesday 24th November at the Tarbert Village Hall.

MVF Margiris 

Scottish fishermen have been at the forefront in pioneering a range of conservation and sustainability initiatives in recent years
For more information please visit Fishing For Truth.

Meanwhile just off the coast of Ireland is the world’s second largest super-trawler.
The ‘MFV Margiris’ drags a net bigger than a football field and, if stood on its end, would be almost twice as high as Ireland’s tallest building.
The super-trawler ceased operations off Australia after bitter protests by Government, fishing industry and conservation groups.
The vessel even changed its name to the ‘Abel Tasman’ in a bid to side-step protests off Australia and New Zealand.
But it ultimately quit Australian waters after being repeatedly targeted for protests by Greenpeace who feared its operations could devastate regional fish stocks.
The vessel which is 143m long (429ft) and displaces 9,500 tonnes  is the second biggest trawler/factory shop afloat and her processing capacity is enormous.
Irish fishing industry and conservation groups warned about the potential impact of such vast fishing potential in vulnerable Atlantic areas.

Please Sign The Petition to stop this factory vessel destroying the environment and the fishing industry.