The Nancy Glen Campaign Continues To Grow (Part One)

It’s just over a week since the Fishing Tragedy in Tarbert, I know I am not alone in feeling a desperate sadness and urgent need get Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk back to their loved ones.

As the real horror began to unfold, an incredible show of love and support came from the people of Tarbert, within days as the news was spread, more and more people came forward to offer any help they could.

We were all thankful that John Miller had been rescued, but also  desperately worried as time passed and the realisation hit that the men never managed to escape the Nancy Glen as she went down.

Their families are heart broken and are desperate to find them so they can give them a proper burial and say goodbye. sadly, because she sank so deep it will not be easy to find them and specialist equipment will be needed.

The chairman of The Clyde Fishermen’s Trust Kenny MacNab started the Nancy Glen Campaign to raise funds for the families of the missing men,.

The initial response was overwhelming and still continues to grow.

Many people took to social media to get the tags trending, hoping that it would reach out to others to raise awareness of the campaign.

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache their families are facing, but I admire their dignity and fierce determination.

Here is how Tarbert (and beyond) are helping to bring our boys home.

Thank you so much to everyone! I have no doubt Tarbert will get their boys home!

It started with messages of support.

As well as donating to The Nancy Glen Campaign people were coming up with ideas to raise more funds.

I think they all deserve a mention and I hope I manage to include each and every one of you that have come up with a plan to raise more money, determined to help the families involved in this awful tragedy.

Local Hotels helped keep the search teams feed and watered, I know the Tarbert Hotel fed some of our Coastguards, The Islay Frigate also kept the search teams nourished.

The Nancy Glen Campaign, The Islay Frigate, Food and Drink, Support
Tonight Thursday 25th, please come and take advantage. Available to anyone at all involved, fishermen, coast guard, police etc. Come get a, heat, a feed and quench your thirst


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